Meet the Captain

Captain George has been operating the well-known SoCal dive boat, The Sand Dollar since 2005. After sustaining massive and multiple injuries from a three story fall while hanging iron in downtown Los Angeles, George decided to change careers and bought the Sand Dollar. The original dive boat had accommodated 34 divers/passengers. In 2017 he removed the aft bunkroom and replaced it with a fish hold. SCUBA tanks were replaced with fish coffins, outriggers were added, and a BLAST FREEZER was installed.

            Driven by his love for the sea and passion for sustainable fishing, Captain George headed to the fishing grounds of the Pacific Northwest. Each Summer, George and his crew make their way to some of the most pristine waters of the world providing one of the most sustainable fisheries. He quickly established a name for himself among many seasoned fishermen in the fleet. While catching each fish by hand on hook and line, George and the crew make sure each fish is handled with the utmost care to ensure that only the very best quality reaches our customers.