The Sand Dollar


Whether you’re a diver, fisher, swimmer, photographer, or seafood enthusiast, we ALL depend on the healthy fish stocks and clean waters. The Pacific Northwest albacore fishery is one of the most sustainable in the world. Each fish is landed on hook and line, and brought in one at a time by hand. NO NETS. NO BYCATCH. NO OVERFISHING.

When Sand Dollar Tuna is brought on board, the crew quickly bleeds it out taking away the “fishy” tasting bloodline out. This results in a more clean, delicate, tasty fillet. To keep the albacore fresh, the fish immediately gets cooled down to sea-surface temperature (around 68˚). Once cooled, the fish are washed with fresh cool sea water then quickly hung in the fish hold to get blast frozen at -40˚. The process of blast freezing retains the freshness and quality ensuring each fish meets the highest sashimi grade standards.

When the albacore is unloaded at the dock, it gets transported to the processing facility which is LESS than a mile away. Some brands have their tuna shipped out as far as Japan for processing and claim to be sustainable. However, we proudly support a local family-owned business where we have the opportunity to walk in at any time and watch our fish be canned. Traceable and sustainable..   

When the blast frozen fish is taken to the local processing center it is then slowly thawed and filleted. The beautiful raw tuna fillet is then placed into a non-BPA can, sprinkled with just a pinch of salt, and finally sealed and cooked. Many conventional brands chose to precook their tuna before canning resulting in the need to add a lot more of additional salt, water, and oil to improve the taste. Although, Sand Dollar Tuna stands apart from the rest. Our tuna is treated with such care and only cooked once retaining all Omega 3 Fatty Acids making it not only delicious but good for your health too!